Friday, June 10, 2005

Random thoughts on Friday

Do Fridays at work EVER end??? I am sitting here at my desk with plenty to do, and eventually it will all get done, but I am just watching the clock hoping 5 o'clock will come swiftly! It seems that Fridays can be some of the longest days. Especially when you are tired because you were awake all night listening to thunder boom so loud it sets of your neighbor's car alarm FOUR times! I really hate thunderstorms at night! Why not come in the daytime?! Thunder is so much better in the light.

Though, in all fairness, one of the best and most hilarious times I have ever had came at night during a thunderstorm. One night while at our house during a thunderstorm in which we lost power, Gwen and I used a flashlight to make finger shadow puppets on the wall. I am sure it was so funny only because we were so exhausted, but it's a memory I will never forget and I think of every time there are thundering showers (as the say in England).

I must say that this Friday has come with some good news though! My little sister got a job teaching 5th grade today! Such wonderful news as it's been a rocky road for her since graduating college. I am so excited for her because I know how bad she has wanted this, and of course, she'll be the most fantastic teacher!

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datamonkey said...

It's because the earth rotates more slowly on Friday's. I think it also has something in common with the gravitational increase that makes it IMPOSSIBLE for me to get out of bed on Monday morning.

Or, it could just be the great buildup to the time flying, fun having time that makes up the weekend.

Welcome to blogdom. :)