Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hello, my name is Sarah, and I'm a mess

It is said the first step in every recovery is admitting you have a problem. Well, there it is for you in black and white for the WorldWideWeb to see. And no, I do not need a 12 step program, thank you. I’m just a recovering perfectionist, that’s all.

"At day’s end I’m ready for sound sleep, for you, God, have put my life back together.”
Psalm 4:8

I love reading The Message translation of the Bible. It’s a completely different perspective on verses I’ve probably read 100 times. After all, I’ve been going to church all my life, heard most every Bible story at least 20 times…how else do you manage to keep something real and fresh after that long? This verse especially struck me for obvious reasons.

Ok, so I must admit that maybe not every day feels this way, but only in a perfect world would it ever, and for now at least I live on earth so it’s not even a remote possibility! But I’m feeling more and more this way every day – just so incredibly blessed! Life by nature is just is a mess. I’ve come to accept this. I’ve quit striving for that perfection that doesn’t exist. No matter what I do my life will always be somewhat of a mess, some messes smaller than other, but it’s always something. Sure makes things a lot easier to realize you’re not perfect and never will be! No matter what your circumstances, history or your future, that reality just is what it is. Everybody has their issues. I’m just so thankful there is a God in my life and people around me who have loved me and held me up in the middle of my worst messes and when my life was in no way shape or form - together.

God’s glory is evident in my life for the very simple reason that my world is very much less than stellar. Only in my chaos can His blessings truly be illuminated for all to see. So for all of you feeling your mess is too much for God, too much for others or too much for you – I say RELAX! He’s got this one…and the next and the next and the next… He wants you and your mess so He can put your life back together they way He wants. And He will bless you abundantly in the process. For you who have loved me thru dramatic “Lifetimes Movie” story lines and guaranteed messes to come, I am grateful. I love you all in your imperfect craziness too. Know that if you are struggling today rest easy, He will put your life back together too, and I’m always here if you need me.
May you sleep soundly, knowing that storms never last forever, but He does!

La Vita Bella!

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