Tuesday, August 30, 2005


It is so fascninating to me to see the things in my girls that I know came from either Fred or me. The strangest thing so far that I think is the Rebekah is totally obsessed with shoes. Now, for anyone who knows me, it easy to see where she got this, but I never really considered that it could be a trait passed down. I alwasy figured that somehow I just aquired this love for shoes sometime in my teenage years or so. But in talking to my mom and laughing about Bekah's need to put on any stray shoe she finds and walk around in it, she told me that at that age I too loved to wear shoes and that I even slept clutching them (and she has a picture to prove it!).

Last night we were at the Mall and we strolled past a Kiosk with thos sparkly mule slippers and they had a pair that was "Bekah size" so for fun I tried them on her. The girl loved them! She threw one giant fit when the mean 'ol mommy took them off! Oh we are in for it, I can tell. I suppose I can only blame myself, eh?

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