Monday, September 12, 2005

Ahhh, the sweet smell of Pigskin!

Alas! Football season is upon us! I spent nearly all my free time at home this weekend keeping an eye on the games as they were played. My Sooners picked up their first win of the season, we won't talk about last week, and Fred's Dallas Cowboys eeked out an upset over the Chargers. Unfortunately my Jets did not fare so well, poor Jets!

As a steady OU fan I found it difficult but did cheer as best I could for the Texas Longhorns as they played their butts off against Ohio State. I'll route for any Big 12 team before I do anybody else. I was glad to see they pulled out the win, but I fear my Sooners will have a tough time against them this year.

In Baby news the Rachel put her first two words together "More Crackers" LOL! It was just too adorable! They are saying new words every day and it's just amazing the things they pick up. I have to say though, my favorite has been Rebekah repeating "Amen" after Fred and I pray over them before they go to bed. She has done it ever night for the past 5 nights, and I tell you it just melts my heart! No wonder Jesus loved children they way he did. Their innocense is so precious!

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Earle-girl said...

Go Pac 10!! That's all I have to say... Oh, yes, and I'm still bitter from last year's robery of the Rose Bowl.