Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Mommy, the Wuss

My Rebekah is horribly addicted to her "passibah" (that's pacifier for those of you who do not speak "Bekah"). I have been trying to limit it to naptime/bedtime, but this morning in the car she was screaming "PASSIBAH! PASSIBAH! PASSIBAH!", and then came the half-real cries. So...I gave in... Two miles further down the road it hit me -- "I am a wuss!" My conscience started in on me "YOU are the mommy! How will she learn if you don't stick to it?! OY! What's a mommy to do?! Maybe I should aks for some guts for Christmas.

In wedding world we are really getting close. It's 4 days until the big event and I have 50 more programs to print and assemble. Tonight we are working on M&M bags for favors. I'll be busy cutting tulle circles to tie them up in. I am sure the little girls will be begging for lots of "mem-mem's"

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