Thursday, January 05, 2006

It broke my heart

This morning when I went in the girls room to get them out of bed. I was getting clothes together before I got them out of their cribs. While I was doing this Bekah kept saying, "Sorry, Mommy. Oh no, Mommy" in the saddest little "forgive me" voice. When I walked over to her crib I discovered she had gotten sick sometime in the night and not only was it all on her bed, it was in the back of her hair too.

I told her it was OK, and that mommy was sorry she was sick, but all she kept saying was "Sorry, Mommy!" The poor thing. When she woke up from her nap today at Grandma's house that she started saying it again. I feel terrible! What have I done to this poor girl that she feels so bad about being sick! UGH! Being a Mommy can be so hard. Are you sure there is no instruction manual somewhere?!

I made sure I gave her lots of extra attention, that's all I could figure out to do.... Hopefully I haven't caused any permanent damage.

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Kristen said... sweet! She probably just picked it up from daily life...