Sunday, January 22, 2006

I've been hit!

I am apparently "IT." I've been tagged! Or as Fred would say "Gotcha last!" So here are my answers, and be prepared readers, you may be "it" next!

What were you doing 10 years ago?
I was in my first year of college with no idea my High School boyfriend of two years was about to break my heart! Oh well, in the end it was all for the best. Actually, I think it was right about this time 10 years ago that I first heard of the American Studies Program in Washington DC that I would eventually be so honored to participate in that, and where I met such wonderful friends.
What were you doing One year ago?
One year ago at this time I think I was doing about the same things I am now, minus my new laptop I got for Christmas this year, and my girls had just turned one.
Name 5 snacks you enjoy
Chex Mix
Red Grapes
A bowl of cereal
Oyster Crackers
Hot tea - Madagascar Vanilla Red
Name 5 things you would do with a million dollars
Pay off the house
Put money away for the girls education
Wood floors in the house
5 bad habits
picking at my thumbs
hitting the snooze button
tootsie rolls
being disorganized
5 things I like doing
playing the piano
playing with the girls
5 things I would never wear, buy or get new again
trucker hat
playstation games (we always get them used)
daisy dukes
???? can't think of anything else
5 favorite toys or games
Trivial pursuit
Hot Shots Golf Fore!
Mr. Potato Head
I was tagged by Tracy, and now I am tagging Earle-girl!


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Sarah, I love that same tea! It is simply delicious. Like a dessert really.