Monday, February 06, 2006

Weekends are never long enough. There's always something I didn't get done. Although, I didn't go to church yesterday so I was able to get almost every bit of laundry done and put away. Why did I play hookie from church, you ask? Well, I really didn't think anyone would care to look at my still very swollen cyclops eye.

I went back to the Dr. this morning and he had to lance it. It was not a pleasant experience. First, he tried to spray the infected spot with a numbing agent. Unfortunately, that just got into my eye where it stung so bad I wanted to say a whole string of words unbecoming of a lady. The good news is that he took care of it, and hopefully it will get better. We'll see.

In other news Winter is supposedly making a come back. Of course, so typical for February. Tomorrow is supposed to be our warmest day of the week at 55 degrees. Saturday the forecasted high is 30! Should be fun!

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Earle-girl said...

It was 80 in L.A. today. Yuck. Sorry about the eye. =( I don't even want to know what that must feel like.