Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Bekah's Big Day

Today a major thing happened in toddler world! Bekah pooped on the potty! HOORAY!!!! At first she didn't seem to understand. She said "Uh Oh!" and seemed concerned she had done something wrong. We really cheered for her and I think in the end she felt ok with it, but I don't expect this will be a regular occurance yet. But I am excited none-the-less.

In other news I have agreed to run the race for the cure in October with a couple of girls from my new job. One is currently pregnant and due at the end of June. I figure if she can do it, then I should be able to. So, I am going to try this running "thing" again. I guess I better go find my Couch to 5K running plan and dust it off. I have to say tho, until it's really spring (we are expecting snow tomorrow) I am not even going to attempt it. I'm just a wuss. =)


Earle-girl said...

Congrats on both fronts!!

Kristen said...

Hooray for pooping on the potty!

(never thought I'd type that sentence in a million years, but nonetheless...!)

And good luck with the running...it's so good as a stress-reliever and an endurance-builder. Training for a 5K is a PERFECT place to start. I ran my first 5K at age 10, then took several years off running. Then, I ran a 5K again in 2000 and caught the "running bug." It comes and goes, but joining hundreds of other runners and working to improve your time is thrilling!

Pat said...

Go Bekah!! Good girl!

And sure...make me feel bad about not walking...I haven't walked since you left the office. I have been a bad, bad girl! Now you are going to be running..yikes...