Thursday, April 27, 2006

And 1 more makes 4!

Happy 4th Anniversary to my Fantastic, Helpful, Understanding husband! This is not the best picture I have of our wedding day, but it was the one most available, so it's the one you get tonight! :) It's hard to believe it's been 4 years. Really, that's such a short amount of time, but it feels much longer -- in a good way, though. So, SO much has happened in these last four years, I never would have guessed on this day four years ago that we would have: 1) Both made major career changes 2) struggled and beat the monster of infertility 3)expanded our family by 2 members 4) sold two houses and bought one 5) endured 12 of the most excruciating weeks of Hep C treatment for Fred, only to have it fail. It's really been something! And, while there have been times that have been very tough, I would not trade a minute of my years with my wonderful Fred! We have been so blessed!

Thank you, Fred, for being the wonderful man you are and being my rock of support. You make me smile and feel special every day! You are truly a gift from God! I love you!

A fried of ours who graduated seminary recently told us that it is not suggested that people make more than one major life change in a year's time. I can't think of a year when we had less than one major life change. We've made it thru and are more devoted to each other now than we were then. No matter how life changes, at least I know that as long as we are here on this earth my Fred will be right beside me.


Earle-girl said...

Some things I remember about your day:
* REALLY good Mexican food with your awesome girlfriends the night before.
* Running to Target to get a cup for communion. I found a great one... in the bathroom section!
* It being cold in April.
*An Oklahoma wedding> I'd never experienced one before, but it was so fun that everyone knew exactly what happened next without being told.
*Meeting Fred for the first time and realizing what a sweet, sweet man he was.
* Your glowing face as you commited to love Fred for life.

Earle-girl said...

*Oh, and that tire-sized chocolate groom's cake with the strawberries on top! (We don't have groom's cake out here. A sad, sad loss for us!!)

Kristen said...

Congratulations! How inspiring to have experienced so much together! Enjoy your celebration!