Saturday, July 22, 2006


That was the high here yesterday. Humid and Hot. Not a good combination and no fun for running! It's been in the mid to high 90's even after 9pm. OY! We are getting a break today, though, it's only supposed to be 95! LOL! OH! And today, for the first time, I pushed past two miles. 2.25 - not much, but baby steps work. It will get me there eventually, right?

After my last potty training post the girls turned a corner overnight and are now doing fantastic! We even left the house in panties last night and not pull-ups! We went to eat and half way thru dinner I noticed Bekah squirming around. I asked her if she needed to go to the potty and she said, "Yes, I sure do, Mommy." Rachel said she needed to go too and so we all trotted of to the bathroom. Both of them went and then I had to go. While I was sitting there Bekah came over and grabbed both of my arms and was squeezing the heck out of them. I asked her what she was doing and she said, "I'll hold you up, Mommy. Don't fall in!" HAHAHA! I was laughing so hard! Hopefully success will continue! Hooray!!!


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