Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Things have been really crazy lately. Work is busy as usual but I have one particular case that has just blown up completely. It seems that the domestic violence situation that we suspected is much worse than we had even imagined. It's all out in the open now, but the the wife/mom has gone back to him and I am scared to death for her. It's a very difficult and time comsuming situation. Very hard for the children involved.

Then last week my mom had a arteriogram. It showed that she had a major artery that is 70% blocked. The Dr. doesn't exactly know how they are going to treat it. It is very close to her heart so that presents some issues for surgery. She went back to the Dr. today and it seems that what I feared the most is not their first suggestion, and that was bypass surgery. She goes for an echo cardiogram tomorrow that hopefully will reveal even more information in which they can finally make a decision about what to do.

In the mean time she is not allowed to watch the girls for two weeks. No lifting, no exertion of any kind for a couple of weeks. So, Fred's mom was so kind to come from Tulsa to help us out. She has been watching the girls here at the house. We are SO incredibly blessed to have such wonderful family to help us out.

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