Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Big Girl Beds

Despite all my efforts to keep the girls from growing up, alas, it has become a reality that often takes the breath out of me. Sunday night the girls moved from their baby beds to TWIN beds! Can you believe it?! Totally skipped the toddler bed. OY! They spent the afternoon Sunday with grandma and papaw and mommy and daddy dissasembled, re-arranged and put together their "new" beds. I say "new" becuase the beds they now have belonged to me and my sister when we were just barely older than the girls. I slept in that bed until I was 22 (sans the canopy however. I believe I shed that upon entering highschool). Putting up these beds really brought back memories for me. I am glad that my girls will now get to make good memories in them as well. So, without further delay, I present to you Rachel's and Rebekah's new beds.

Rebekah's bed (top) and Rachel's bed (bottom).

Bekah in front of her bed. Rachel by her bed.

They TOTALLY love everything about them. The canopy, the comforters -- all of it! It has taken me 30 mintues to get Rachel out of bed both today and yesterday morning. She cries and says that she "needs to sweep more." Bekah said, "It's like a tent, Mommy." They are just too funny. Yesterday they got home, went straight up to their room and refused to come down even to eat. We finally relented and just let them eat their dinner in bed. Silly girls! We have had NO trouble getting them in bed the last couple of nights. I wonder how long that will last?!

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Earle-girl said...

Welcome back to the web, busy woman! Loooove the beds! So cute! Your girls are astonishing me. Like mouth hanging open, I can hardly believe they're so big!