Sunday, January 06, 2008

2008 here were come!

It's absolutely impossible to recap the amount of change that has happened in our world just in the last month. For starters, December 1, the girls turned FOUR! ACK! I don't even know how this happened. They had a great party and here's just one pic of the indoor (yes, I could not even believe it myself) bouncer we had in the house.

The second week of Demember brought a heart surgery for my mom, which was very rough on her and she was slow to recover. At the same time we were hit by an ice storm - I really hate those. Here's what havoc that wreaked upon us. The pictures still make me ache a little. The girls had a little fun out on the ice though.

We made it through all that and got to the third week of December which brought with it the news that I didn't get the job I was so excited about, and that I was sure was meant for me. There's a lot more to this story, but I'll spare you absolutely insane details and leave it at that. Needless to say, both Fred and I were bitterly dissapointed. Ironically, Fred applied to a few different aircraft companies up the turnpike in Tulsa that same week.

Along came Christmas and we had an absolute fabulous time. The girls loved every minute of it. They made cookies for Santa (they got a little burnt, but Santa didn't seem to mind at all).
We spent the few days before Christmas in Tulsa with Fred's family. Here's our first gingerbread house.

Here are the girls using their cousins, Kevin and Paige, as horses.

We came back from Tulsa and celebrated Christmas with my family on the 26th. That's when they got their gift from mommy and daddy.
That about wraps up December, I think.
Now, for the big news of January. I've already mentioned that Fred applied for some jobs in Tulsa. Well, he was also interested in attending the Spartan College of Aeronautics that is there to get a degree and become a licensed airline mechanic. Yesterday a representative from the college came and talked to us and Fred applied and was told there should be no problem with him being accepted. They will also help him with job placement during school and after school and for the rest of his career. So, if he should lose his job, want a new one or different location the school continues to help with this. They will even help me find a job. So, that's the big news. We're moving to Tulsa!
It's unbelievable how this all happened really. Fred's start date is July, and can be earlier if we can arrange everything that quickly. So, we have to finish out our kitchen remodel and get this house on the market now. Be praying for us that everything will fall into place quickly and the transition is as smooth as possible for everyone. This will be a big change for not only us, but also for my parents who will really miss the girls. We'll keep you posted and I'll try to keep up with this blog a little more often. :)

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