Tuesday, December 27, 2011

All I need to know I learned in 2011...

There are not words descriptive enough to convey my elation that this year is days from being over.  If you have had any contact with me whatsoever in the last month you have undoubtedly heard the words "2012 BELONGS to me! Next year is going to be a GREAT year for me."  Just in case you were in doubt, these are not empty words ringing in your ears from my mouth.  I mean them and I believe them with all my heart. 

I have been thinking of all the happenings of this year, of the lessons it has taught me, what I have learned about myself and what I have learned about others.  So tonight I hope you don't mind if I share some of these things with you. 
  • I cannot manage to keep my car clean.  This year I have accepted this sad truth and shall deal with myself accordingly.
  • A garbage disposal is more important than you think (My letter to Santa was apparently lost in the mail.  Still don't have one!)
  • One spur of the moment decision can change your life forever - (IE...going home early from work unannounced; chasing down your wayward cat....need I go on?)
  • People can be amazingly mean and hurtful - on purpose
  • True friends are worth more than all the gold in the world. They are the ones that will stand beside you when the crap is flying
  • Guard your heart, nobody else can do it right
  • When it comes down to it, for once in my life, I want a man who will fight for me - because I'm worth the effort
  • I have learned in the most cruel of lessons how it feels to be used, betrayed and devastated
  • I'm a little bit crazy - and I'm OK with that.
  • Exercise is is my sanity. It's as good for my mind as my body
  • It's OK to let go, and it's OK to dream new dreams (although this is much harder to convince myself of some days)
  • Blondes do not necessarily have more fun
  • The iPhone 4S's Siri can be great entertainment, especially when she advises your sister to go to the "bitch gym" and tells her to watch her language
  • If you hear high heels, don't automatically assume it's a woman
  • Just when you think your heart can't possibly break anymore, it does
  • There are people who actually mean it when they say "I'm praying for you"
  • Being strong comes out of necessity, not by choice
  • An "I love you" from your child can save you on a day when you think it's all for naught
  • It is possible to be feeling the highest of highs at 2am and the lowest of lows by 2pm on the same day
  • How it feels to inexplicably find yourself in tears while doing the most routine and mundane of tasks, and you can't even explain why
  • The value of a smile over the smallest of things
  • Never underestimate the power of 8 consecutive, uninterrupted hours of sleep
  • Good coffee is a pleasure not to be taken lightly
  • Leaving your egg and cheese sandwich on top of the car as you hurriedly back out of the driveway is not advisable and does nothing for a set of dishes or your screaming tummy
  • Low expectations of everyone is not necessarily a bad thing and can save you much disappointment and heartache
  • The true meaning of Grace and Forgiveness and how both are necessary not so much for others as for your own peace and contentment
  • $h!t happens, but I'm not a victim and I am not pitiful.  I am powerful
  • What a true comfort music is - playing it, listening to it and wallowing in it
  • The healing gift of laughter and what a gift God gave me in my uncanny propensity to laugh at ridiculously stupid things until water comes out my nose and tears are flowing
  • The true meaning of "state of shock"
  • Real, true, deep heartbreak and pain is not something you "get over." Rather it is something you learn to live with
  • I really love to dance, especially in the living room with the girls when they shake their head and say "Mommy, you are so embarrassing!" :)
  • Taking the high road generally sucks, but is usually the right and adult thing to do
  • Mixing to much tequila and beer with the worst birthday in the history of all birthdays results in dances with sweaty bull riders, men who bathe in cologne and the involuntary testing of the "upchuck reflexes" and brings no sleep and absolutely no comfort.  Trust me, you don't wanna go there
  • Being nice does not equate to being a doormat. My feelings are just as important as anybody else's
  • How much I love that my girls say "KABLOOEEE!!!!" and "Oopsies"  - I'll be sad when they stop
  • God still has good plans for my future and my girls
And THE most valuable thing I learned this year is: God IS with me, God WAS with me, and He WILL ALWAYS be with me.  No matter how much I may feel alone, I'm not.

The more I give thee, the more I have. For both are infinite - William Shakespeare

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Anonymous said...

Very insightful! Hate you had to go thru pain to discover many of them. Joy