Thursday, February 09, 2012

Dear Dove Chocolate: Letters from a Lunatic, Vol IV

Linger Over Chocolate Longer
Dear Dove, I don’t know about you…something about this just seems creepy. You’re starting to freak me out a little. Your concerned friend, Sarah

Discover How Much Your Heart Can Hold
Dear Dove, If we’re talking good stuff here I’d say my heart is a bottomless pit. If it’s not good stuff then I’m sorry, my heart is closed for donations. Had my share and let that junk go. Thanks for the suggestion but this one I’ve got covered! Sarah

Do something spontaneous
Dear Dove, do you mean like that one Saturday morning in June when I spontaneously decided to go to my sister’s garage sale. Then saw that red shiny little “toy” for sale and let her husband tell me, “Oh you can drive it, it’s just like a bicycle with a motor.” Then OOPS I spontaneously slammed into that curb, laid the thing over, got horrible road rash, was on crutches for a week and ended up underneath an Expedition and had to pay a $500 deductable for totaling it out? I think spontaneity might be a bit overrated. Just sayin’. Sarah

Remember Your First Crush
Dear Dove, My first crush was in the fourth grade, his name was Kyle and he had the blondest of blonde hair I’d ever seen. I remember he liked me too and even said so after his friends called me over at recess and tackled and tickled him incessantly until he admitted that he did indeed like me. We were MFEO (made for each other) as they say in Sleepless in Seattle… well, until he took first place in the fourth grade spelling bee and I was the runner up. Then it was over. What was the point of this little exercise again? To remind me where my overachieving issues began? Thanks a lot! Sarah

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