Wednesday, June 22, 2005

I cannot wait!

I am taking off on Friday and I have to say, that I wish it were here already! It has been so crazy at work that I just can't seem to get things organized and straightened out. You know when you feel like you've started a million things and can't get any of them finished?! YUCK! Anyhow, it's my birthday on Saturday so that seems fair, right? I want to go hang out and my parents pool and work on a tan that I don't have!

In other news, my girls can now climb up on the couch! What a fun time we will be having! I think I'll be moving the coffe table to another room as well. We have been lucky to be able to keep it in there this long, but now that they have learned they can hoist themselves up on that too, I think it's time for it to go!


Joy said...

Just so I do not forget, can I wish you a happy early birthday???? I hope its great!! Joy :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday from me too!