Monday, July 18, 2005

Garage Sale

This weekend we loaded up the Durango and took and hour and a half trip to Fred's mom's house to put some baby stuff in a garage sale. As you can imagine, with twins we have a TON of baby items. We took a swing, carseats, toys, clothes, shoes and even some of Fred's old videos. A lot of it sold, but we are still going to have a garage sale of our own as we have a lot more stuff to sell.

Suprisingly, it was tough to let go of all those baby items that have been taking up so much spake in my dining room. I remembered my tiny babies in those swings in the early days when they wouldn't sleep any other way, or the first time we put them in the car seat for their first ride home and they were so tiny that you didn't know how that seat would keep them strapped in. It's totally amazing at how life flies by and all of a sudden the tiny babies are more like tiny girls. *Sigh*

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