Friday, July 22, 2005

A hodge podge

Well, here we are in the midst of a summer heat wave today. This is supposed to be our first official day over 100, with a heat index of 107 it feels pretty icky! It's supposed to be this way all weekend.

Tonight my husband will start his treatment for his Hep C that we found out he had. I am terribly nervous and feeling apprehensive. I have been praying he will be one of the blessed few who show absolutely no symptoms from this treatment. For those of you who don't know. There is only one treatment currently available to those with Hep C and it's success rate is aproximately 50/50. We won't know if it's working until 12 weeks into the therapy. There are too many possible side effects to write here, but some of the scarier ones are suicidal thoughts, depression, hair loss, extreme fatigue and severe flu like symptoms. Please keep us in your prayers as we start on this journey. Pray that God will sustain Fred and keep his energy at normal levels and that he will suffer no side effects from this. I'll keep you updated on the progress.

Rachel has been, well, how can I say it... awful. Poor baby, it's not her fault. She has not been feeling well since Wednesday. The dr. thinks she is teething, and she is, but the poor girl just screams and screams. We are going to try some Hyland's teething tablets. I have been told they really work and at this point anything will help. She cries so hard and so long that she made herself sick once. This whole teething thing sucks!

In work news, a lady I worked a Dept. of Labor case for about a year ago called me today, Eve. She is the sweetest lady and made the cutest blankets for my girls when they were little - and she had never even met me in person. Then she found out that her daughter was having twins, and girls at that and there was a common tie there that we always connected on. Well, she needs help again and this time it's serious. She has breast cancer that has spread and she is currently undergoing chemo. I hope we can help her and I hope she survives.

In good news! I traveled to Muskogee yesterday for a work event and saw my contacts that help me in my VA casework. When I got there I said hello to my contact there, Cindy, and she didn't even recognize me! Now, for some of you that might not seem like good news, but since I have lost 60 pounds, to me that was great news! I was thrilled! :)

No big plans for the weekend really. I am just hoping it all goes smoothly with Fred and Rachel. One day at a time, I guess. That's always my advice to others so I suppose I should take it the same way.

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