Monday, August 08, 2005

Another Monday

I can't believe it's Monday already! But, here I am working away already. We had a better weekend than last though, and I am happy to report that Fred felt well enough to go to church on Sunday. He still wasn't quite 100%, but he recovered with a really long nap on Sunday afternoon.

We also had a quite lengthy discussion about the possibility of me going back to school! I know what you are thinking -- I don't have the time -- but I think I can do it and I really want to. We still haven't got into specifics yet and I am still trying to decide between two programs, psychology or MBA, but I have some time before spring classes start so I can make up my mind hopefully by then.

In toddler news: The girls are sprouting teeth like crazy! Bless their hearts they have been really great teethers. I am so thankful for that. Rachel now has 6 teeth and Rebekah has 9. Also, their little feet are just growing like crazy. They got new sandals over the weekend. I was hoping they would make it thru the summer with the ones they had, but it was not possible. Their little toes were poking out the ends. We are now in a size 4! I can't believe it!


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