Monday, September 26, 2005


I have to tell you, my golf lesson was an absolute blast! There is SO MUCH to remember in a golf swing, but I suppose that's why people practice, right? There was so much to think about that I totally forgot to notice how hot it was outside or the fact that against all my hopes someone saw me swinging that driver like the goofy novice that I am. Our instructor said we both did very good for beginners and I can tell you that for as many times as I competely "whiffed", that I did hit the ball up in the air. I hope maybe I can practice and get a lot better!


Anonymous said...
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Earle-girl said...

You should look into having your blog unlisted. The person that posted here went trolling for you.

Re: the golfing... you GO girl! My biggest mistake in college was taking blue collar bowling instead of golf.

Sarah said...

thank you! I didn't realize I could do that, but it's done now! I am officially unlisted! :)

LOL about the bowling!