Thursday, September 29, 2005


The lovely picture at the right is why I think my youngest daughter woke screaming this morning at 6:20 AM. This giant spider has a web off the side of my parent's porch. The girls love to look at it (not too close, of course) and they always call it "bug". When I went in to check on the screaming Bekah, she was yelling "BUG!" I got the little flashlight (didn't want to wake up Rachel) to look in her bed and nothing was there, so I think she had a bad dream about "bug".

She was not about to let me leave that room without her, so reluctantly I went ahead and picked her up. Have you ever tried getting ready for work with an almost-two-year-old following you everywhere and "cleaning" every little shelf and drawer she can get her tiny little fingers on?! OY VEY! Let's hope for no more nightmares!

Well, the weather today is Fall-ish for the first time. It's absolutely beautiful outside today! Sunshine and 70 degrees! Just perfect! I love this time of year -- now if the trees will just start to turn... Although it made my husband go nuts because he decided we were doing a garage sale NOW! We have been slowly gathering things to have one, but have never had a free weekend. I guess it's here now. That should be just peachy (can you hear the sarcasm dripping from that one?). I am just hoping it goes well enough to pay for that new stovetop I've had my eye on to finish out our kitchen remodeling. That would make it all worthwhile!

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Earle-girl said...

You MUST take pictures of the leaves when they turn. I am a deprived Southern California girl that only gets to see pictures and not actually jump into piles of red and gold leaves. Ours sort of turn brown and go away. No such thing as a real Fall.