Tuesday, October 04, 2005

A Smallish Update

Our Garage sale went very well. We made enough to pay our flood insurance and enough to pay for the suddenly ill Durango. BLAH! There went my new stovetop! Oh well, maybe someday...

In other exciting news I should be receiving my brand spankin' new special edition Cinderella DVD today from my sister. I have been telling her for at least two months now that I expect it today! One year for Christmas, the only thing I asked for was Cinderella. It came out that year on VHS and I had to have it! Fast forward to many years later when my sister and I were in college and she was a nanny to 3 boys, she took it for them and it was never returned (I still have yet to understand what 3 boys would want with Cinderella -- oh well). I mourned the loss of my dear Cinderella, but alas I could not bear to replace it with another VHS from Ebay knowing that any day thay would release it on DVD. So, I have waited, and today I hope that unpatient wait will pay off! Pam, if you read this you know my expectations are very high! :)

Also, today is my dear Fred's birthday. I will not reveal his age, although, he probably doesn't really mind, but I want to wish him the happiest birthday of all! I love you, Fred!

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