Monday, October 17, 2005


I really love working downtown! I like that it seems to always have life, somebody always going somewhere. I like the spastic artwork that greets you in the oddest places, and the whirring of the trolleys as they go by on the way to whatever stop they have next. I like that I can walk to anywhere I really need to go. My bank is across the street, restaurants are everywhere, and there is a really off-the-wall bookstore around the corner that gives away free popcorn whenever it rains or snows! You can't beat that!

There's just something about working around all these "suits" that makes you feel as if you are part of the mature world. Having never really reached an age where I feel grown up completely, this sometimes makes me feel better :) Of course, to ground me back into reality there is always the occasional homeless crazy that drops by like Mr. C.C., as we affectionatly refer to him, who loves closed captioning on t.v. and thinks he is going to marry Anna Kournikova (doesn't he know she's already married?), Maria Sharapova and any other female Russian tennis player he can find.Then he is going to open up his grocery story in Russia and he will get from here to there via train. Apparently, he has never seen a map and doesn't know that trains don't float!

Where can you find a better entertainment than Downtown?

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Earle-girl said...

Tell the truth... how's the traffic?