Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Oh the shame!

Well, I worked hard and long into the night on the wedding programs, and I knew when I went to bed it needed a fresh set of eyes to look it over . I had completed the cover and thought it looked very good (if I do say so myself), but upon further inspection by my very precise and red-pen carrying colleague it was discovered that I misspelled the street name of the new couple on the back of the program. Now, granted it was only one letter and probably no one will notice and mail will still get there should they use that address but still.....*sigh* My sister says it's no big deal, those 70 that have already been printed will just go at the bottom, but the perfectionist in me is just screaming that this can't be....but alas it is and I have the picture to prove it! Note the Street name says North Penial and it should be Peniel. I am somewhat frightened that the former could mean something that should entirely be absent from the wedding program, but perhaps not the wedding night, if you get my drift...why me?! This is the front. At least it looks good :)I think I am in for another long night.


Earle-girl said...

Yes, I think anything having to do with printing goes high on the "making people crazy during weddings" scale. My lowest moment was over our invitations, which we put together ourselves.

And yet, you went particularly crazy!

Sarah said...

Well, if it's any consolation your invitations were beautiful and unique and I think it's the only one I have kept to this day.

The only thing that really stinks about this is that when I get done with all this hard work I don't get a honeymoon! :(