Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Well, blow me over!

Literally and figuratively!

The wind here today is treacherous! It's 50 degrees, but the wind is gusting between 45 and 50 mph on a consistant basis. It nearly knocked me down when I went outside to get some soup for lunch at Quizno's. My hair was slapping me in the face while I was trying my best to walk very quickly in heels and not look like the people I see out my window and laugh at. You know, the potential nannies in Mary Poppins that get blown away at the beginning of the movie. Yeah, that was me...

We are getting protestors tomorrow! No kidding! In the nearly 7 years I have worked here we have never had any such incidence, but tomorrow that will all change. Should make for an interesting day. Does one do anything special an the event such as this? Maybe I should make sure to bring my lunch so in case I can't get out I won't starve. I emailed my sister (5th grade teacher) to tell her and she said she had her students recreating the American Revolution. I told her she should bring them down and we can surely recreate something for them. Her response, "How about slavery?" ...ahh, classic!


Earle-girl said...

Steve says, "don't worry... they'll get hungry and go home." Enjoy your protest! The most recent protest we had was the grocery store union strike. After the first day or two of dirty looks and sign shaking, I started smiling at and greeting the same protesters every time I went to the store.

Earle-girl said...

I'm very disappointed in your protesters. I mean, come on! Shake some signs!