Thursday, November 17, 2005

My dear husband has taken issue with my statement about his Cowboys. He defended them by saying they are now tied for first place in their division, which is true, and compared to recent years this is quite the improvement. What he says is technically true, but I don't think they are quite Superbowl calibur yet.

Don't worry, babe, I'll cheer for those Cowboys like they were my own!

Well the protesting wasn't much to protest about. The site listed that 31 people were to attend, but I think it was more like 8 or 10. The Boss declared we should be kind and give them food and drink. So we had Pizza and soda (as earle-girl calls it) all ready. They came into the office spewed their talking points and handed us a stack of about 500 styrofoam plates that said all kinds of things like: "No more empty plates" and "Don't rob the needy to give to the greedy". I thought it highly ironic that those who normally shout the loudest about saving our environment would deliver their message on non-biodegradable medium. Anyhow, they left without further incident, no picketing, no chanting, no excitement at all. What a let-down!

And they wouldn't even eat our pizza! So, we had to... oh the things we do for our cause!


Earle-girl said...

Did you put the pizza on the styrofoam plates? I would have used the one that said, "No more empty plates."

I agree... Cowboys not there yet, but fun to watch. I am not a Cowboys fan, though... ever since the 80's Superbowl with my 9'ers (may they rest in peace). However, #86, Dan Campbell (tight end) is the son-in-law of a co-worker, so I root for him. I wanted Philly to win this week, though, because I wanted them to prove they didn't need T.O.

Kristen said...

It's that wicked full moon! It just brings out the whiners!