Monday, November 21, 2005

Rubber Ducky, you're the one

I got a little nostalgic today after an email to earle-girl. We were discussing babies and baths and cute bathrobes, and how Daddys just didn't seem to get why a baby needs a bathrobe. For one, they are much better than those flimsy little hooded towels that don't dry much at all, and two, they are MUCH warmer AND so cute! Ok, that's actually three, but you get it.
I think girls were about 3 months old here.

We started giving baths in our bathroom sink (I think this was at 1 month or so. Rachel on top and Bekah on bottom)
Then we graduated to the kitchen sink, which was a lot of fun, but SUPER messy! The girls went crazy splashing water all over the place! (They were somewhere between 6-9 months here)

Those were the days.... Now, we they take a bath in the big tub like big girls It goes SO fast!


Earle-girl said...

The ones of the girls in the side-by-side are a crack up! It almost looks like a greeting card picture. You should send it to the "Fresh Ink" division at Hallmark and see if you can sell it. =)

Earle-girl said...

Wait a minute... I just advocated you selling pictures of your naked daughters... okay, I retract that statement.

Sarah said...

LOL! Well, honestly, I can't say that the same thought didn't cross my mind as well after I saw those pics. I actually have a greeting card program at home and I used those pics on a card for friends and relatives. I figured that wasn't too bad. Hopefully they won't shoot me for it later. :)

Kristen said...

So cute!

My ovaries are twitching. : )