Tuesday, January 31, 2006

A First

Last night Fred and I got a date night! The first one we have had in a long time. We really are more football fans than anything, but then again, we have never had an NBA team here before. But, with the relocation of the New Orleans Hornets to OKC, even temporarily, we decided to go show our support!

We had a blast! The game was exciting and high energy and we won! YAY! We beat the Milwaukee Bucks by one point with .1 seconds left on the clock. Very exciting! Fred cheered so much he got hoarse, and (upon my horror) started dancing like one of the Hornet's HoneyBee cheerleaders! Of course, I had to make him stop immediately before I died of complete embarrassment! But, all told, we really had a blast!

Today the NBA will be announcing whether or not the Hornets will stay in OKC for another year. I can't see any sense in moving the team back to N.O. right now. The NO/OKC Hornets are averaging a crowd of about 18, 200 in attendence at every game. In New Orleans they were nearly last in the league for attendence. Practical business $en$e would say to leave them where they are most successful. Hopefully we'll get an opportunity to host them again next year, and perhaps even on a permanent basis!

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