Wednesday, February 01, 2006

February already!

It's hard to believe that January of '06 is one for the history books! Where does the time go?! So far, so good tho! At least January went out with a bang! Congratulations to my dear friend, Jenn, on her new little blessing, Lucy!

No other news to report here, really. I did buy the girls a "pee pee potty" as Bekah likes to call it. They will sit on it, but that's about it so far. :) This is OK with me as I don't plan on pushing potty training, and really didn't even want to start at all until the summer. But both of the girls are constantly talking about the potty, so I figured I should at least encourage them a little. Can't hurt, right?

One month down on my Bible reading. I was able to finish January caught up, even tho I had a few days to catch up on from being sick last week.

Happy February, everyone!


Kristen said...

Bah! I'm still on Jan. 24! : )

Kristen said...

I think I'll start calling it a "pee-pee potty" too. Just liven things up in our stuff, adultish household.

Sarah said...

Yes, I get confused when people look at me funny when I tell them I have use the "pee pee potty." Then I remember that only a year ago, the thought of calling it that would have never entered my mind. Now, it's frighteningly normal.

Oh, and Jan. 24 is not that long ago! You can catch up, I know it!

Tracy said...

Happy February!