Tuesday, June 27, 2006

29 and counting...

Sunday I celebrated my very last year in my 20's! It's hard to believe that next year when I celebrate, I won't be celebrating a 20-something year! Yikes!!! It was a great birthday celebrated with family and I did enjoy it! The girls blew out all my candles at least three times. I am reasonably sure they thought it was their birthday, HA!

In other news, last Thursday I came home to mail that was just for me! It's so much fun to get mail that's not bills or notices etc. Instead, it was 3 great editions of Runner's World from a really great lady who is my running inspiration! OK, so, there's one missing...it's upstairs by on my nightstand...I didn't feel like going up to get it :) Thank you, Ms. Nomer!!! I am really enjoying them and appreciate it so much!

I had not run since last Tuesday, my herniated disc in my lower back was really giving me fits last week, but as of tonight I am back in the saddle. It was not an easy run tonight, but I made it and for now, that's all it takes!


Kristen said...

Yay! Happy birthday!!! This is the one you celebrate forever..!

And glad the magazines arrived just in time to wish you the very best in the new year!

Earle-girl said...

Welcome to The Last Birthday. =) Actually, i hada great 29th, and enjoyed reflecting on my 20's. I loved most of my 20's... from 22 on, really.

Just think... You can call youself a runner now! You are a real runner! I amso proud, Sarah-girl. Don't you wish you could send a snap-shot back to ourselves when we were wee 20-year olds in Washington, DCand say how happy we are with our llives now? I have everything I was almost afraid to dream about, and I know you do, too!