Thursday, September 07, 2006

My baby broke her arm.

Rachel broke her arm last night. We were starting our nighttime routine last night and the girls were picking out the books off the table behind the sofa. They were a little rowdy and I asked them to sit down. Rachel spun around too fast, lost her footing and tumbled right over the side arm of the sofa. I knew immediately that it was broken. I could see it. I yelled at Fred, we grabbed Bekah and raced to the ER. Fred didn't even stop to grab his shoes or his wallet.

When we got there they took her right back for Xrays. They told us it was a very bad break and that they would have to transfer us to Children's hospital because they did not have a pediatric othopedist. So, off we went in the ambulance to Children's. When we got there it was about 10:30pm. They called the orthopedist in and he said they would give her a medication, which all I can remember is it started with Cata-something, and would not put her under, but nearly and set the break. They made us leave and set it and told us they would admit her because there was a chance it would still need surgery. The break was on her right arm just above the elbow.

They got us up to a room at about 2am. Fred came home because he knew he would at least have to make an appearance at work. I stayed with Rachel and neither of us slept much at all. Finally about the time we both seemed to be falling asleep another doctor came in at 7:45am to tell us that the break serious enough that she would need surgery. I didn't even have 5 minutes to adjust to the news or to call anyone before the nurses came back and told me that we were going to the OR. She was so angry by this point when we were talking to the anestesiologist she was yelling, "NO DOCTORS!!!" Poor thing, I can't blame her.

They surgery went fine and her little arm is pinned to her side until next Wednesday. She has two pins. I have been a blubbering mess since last night, but am better now, just exhausted. Bekah did not sleep last night because she kept asking for Rachel. Rachel didn't sleep for the pain and for asking where Bekah was. They happily went to bed tonight. I just hope Rachel can sleep without feeling too much pain. We are doing tylenol with codeine and the Motrin regimine.

We go back next Wednesday and she will get a cast. She asked the nurse for a "purple band aid" so they are going to try to give her a purple cast. My poor baby. I just hate every minute of this. It has been hard to see them in pain for "little" things, but this has just been awful! I pray it heals quickly and all goes well. I thank God that at least the break missed her growth plates.


Minnesota Momma said...

Oh NO! Poor little thing! It just sounds awful! I can imagine how exhausted you all must be. I hope the meds take care of any pain and that her arm heals quickly and without any complications. Prayers and hugs for you!

Kristen said...

So sorry that happened! Hope she feels better soon.