Monday, October 16, 2006

5K Day!

I DID IT! I ran the entire 5k! My goal was to finish in 33 minutes or less. I thought 31 was not happening, but I am pleased to say my official time was 30:51. I cannot even begin to tell you how excited I was about that! Here I am crossing the finish line.

There were so many people I would have been completely overwhelmed without Shala. I am such a newbie to all of this, that I just had no idea about so many things... that you line up where your pace is, that they shout out 1K times at you as you run... I am so glad she did this with me! The day was beautiful, although, that morning was very cold. It took us a while to warm up. About 1.5 miles in my pony tail started coming out and I was trying to run and get my hair back up at the same time, it was a pain, but no biggie. Shala helped me finish strong, which is something I need to work on. She told me to pick someone in front of me and try to pass them. She picked someone out and I tried, but I don't know if I passed her or not. :) Here we are trying to warm up before the race.
It was a great day. Not only did I have a friend to run with me, but Gwen and Joy came to see us finish and also my sister came along. She was excited for me, but, bless her heart, she is just hoping the extra walking will help labor start. She is fully efaced and dilated to a "2". She looks great tho!
Now, I need to find another race just to give me something to work toward.


Earle-girl said...

Happy days! I forgot to ask where the race was. Was it for something in particular, or just a fun 5K? Maybe one year you can come out and do the Disneyland 5K with me. =) Actually, I like the Corona del Mar run (the only one I've really done) which runs along the cliffs overlooking the ocean. The last time I ran that was the week before I found out I was pregnant!

Sarah said...

That would be great! I would love to come do 5K with you!

This was in Downtown OKC, Bricktown is what we call it. It's an old historic part of downtown and the streets are still brick. It was for Race for the Cure.

FLRXMAN said...

great race