Thursday, September 28, 2006

Wiating on the washer

Ahhh, such is the life of the glamourous mom. I actually was thinking I would just love to go to bed - that thought occured to me about 8:30 this evening. Yet, here I am waiting to hear the ding of the washer telling me it's the dryer's turn.

Rachel got her cast off yesterday. Everything went fine, but it the process was not at all what I expected. The minute the doctor came into the room she started her "I don't want any doctors" chant. I can't really say I blame her. They cut off her cast off and then x-rayed it. You could easily see the new bone that had formed in the break. I expected that they would numb her elbow to take the pins out, but no such doing. The doctor took hold of her arm, grabbed a fancy looking pair of pliers and *yank* *yank* the pins were out! It took her by surprise obviously and I am sure hurt some as she peed right on Daddy's lap. Poor thing, she hasn't had an accident in ages, not even the whole time she was in the hospital and had surgery. She cried for a minute or so, not even very hard and then was done. She actually threw a bigger fit about the nurse giving her a red lollipop instead of a pink one. LOL! She is still nursing that right arm, not moving it much, but the Dr. said that would be normal and not to push her. We go back in 6 weeks for a check. It's just completely amazing to me how fast little ones heal!

In other news, I have 15 days until my 5k. I ran three miles for the first time last night. It was really tough for me to do last night. I am not sure why, but I know I was feeling tired, and then the dinner I ate was probably not the lightest thing I could have eaten before a run. Oh well, I am just starting to get excited!

Saturday marks the first day of October, the month in which I will become and Aunt!!!! Pam is doing well. She has entered that "uncomfortable all the time" stage of pregnancy in which comfort and restful sleep is a thing of the past. She saw her doctor yesterday and is not dilated at all, but is about 75% efaced. If he will stay 2 more weeks I think she will be just fine. That will put her at 38 weeks. I am starting to really prepare the girls for the giving of the itsabah (eats-ah-bah) or pacifiers to baby Kade. Every night I tell them that soon he will be here and we will take them to him because he will be a tiny baby and he'll need them and they are big girls and don't need them anymore. I am sure we'll have a couple of night of whining/crying out of Bekah, but I think Rachel will be ok. We'll see.

Well, I hear that familier ding-dong telling me the washer is done. I'm going to get the clothes out and get myself to bed!


Earle-girl said...

Hey, my sister blamed the disappearance of the "ninnies" on my kid, too! Is that a standard big sister trick??

Sarah said...

I don't know, but I am hoping it works for us! I am SO done with those things! :)