Sunday, April 22, 2007


Where she got it, one cannot know, but Bekah seems to come up with the oddest things. Mostly noteably she refers to anything that happened "last night" as "yester night." It makes me chuckle every time I hear it:

Bekah: Daddy put me on pull-ups yesternight.
Me: Oh, he did?
Bekah: Yes, and I can not pee-pee in my bed becuase I'm just not posed to do that.

(At the zoo last week watching the Rhino's sans Daddy)
Bekah: Mommy, I need to take the baby Rhinocero (not a typo) home.
Me: Bekah, he cannot fit in our car
Bekah: But he needs to go in my room, I think
Me: I think she is a little big for your room, don't you? Where would she sleep?
Bekah: In my sleeping bag. I need to call Daddy so I can ask him.
Me: No.
Bekah: Yes, I do. We can just put him in the back of Papaw's pick-up.

(At the zoo today in the herpaterium)
Bekah: Oh d-d-d-dear (yes, we do see a lot of Pooh) look at that giant snake!!
Daddy: That's an Anaconda.
Bekah: An Anaconda? He's bigger than you Daddy!
Daddy: Yes, he is.
Bekah: We can not take him home. He might not like Elvis! (the cat)
Daddy: No, I don't think he would.
Bekah: And he cannot sleep in my room, either!

Random person: Oh, how cute, are they twins?
Me: Yes
Bekah: I'm not a twin, I'm Bekah
Person: You're not a twin sister?
Bekah: No, I'm just Bekah, that's all I am!

She is such a thinker, this girl. We are in for a real ride with her. I just know it!

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Kristen said...

That is so cute! It's great that you have her comments written somewhere so that she can read them when she gets older.