Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Things are looking up!

It's been a rough winter for me. Some great things have happened, but "work-wise" it has just plain sucked. In October we lost a unit member and we all (my unit members) inherited four of her cases. Then, at the end of November we lost another unit member and we each received 5 of her cases. Then at the end of December we lost our supervisor. Then in January we lost our lead worker and each inherited 7 of her cases, bringing my total caseload to 39 cases. That is 91 children that were on my caseload. IMPOSSIBLE to try to manage, considering I am required to visit those children once per month. We had some people trying to help do visits, but some were reliable and some not so reliable. In all it was just a horrid mess.

I have really been struggling trying to juggle homelife, work and starting a new business. Let me tell you, it wasn't working AT ALL! My poor family has really been getting the short end of it.

This week we added two new unit members to our group and I was able to take 6 cases off my desk. 6 out of 39 is not huge, but for me it was fantastic! In a few more weeks I will lose probably another 5 cases to them and then we are also going to get a new lead worker that will take another 5 cases or so. That would get me back down to around 20 hopefully which is TOTALLY manageable. Policy states we are not to have more than 20, we will see if that actually happens. In the meantime, I am just thrilled to let go of even 6!

Also, I am pleased to announce that I have added my first team member in Mary Kay. I am really excited about that and hope to have a LOT more time to devote to MK now that my not so fun work is easing up. I am still have a blast doing MK. I have career conference coming up in March and another formal night and I know it will be a total blast!


Earle-girl said...

Did you ever decide to do an on-line party? You know I'll be first in line!

I totally know what it's like to barely be able to breathe where work is concerned, but not while trying to be a mommy, too! I hope things calm down quickly, friend.

Sarah said...

Yes, I really hope to do the online party in March. I have a challenge from my director to do at least 30 faces next month and I am hoping to try this.

Yes, work is just nuts. I spent 7.5 hours in the ER with a foster kid that has the flu. Just what I needed. I disinfected my car with Lysol, stripped down nekkid as I walked in the door and threw my clothes in the washer on "sterilize" and took a shower in hot water only trying to take precautions. I hope it works, the last thing I want is a house full of that mess!