Saturday, May 19, 2007


This is how Bekah says it. Cracks me up. Their favorite movie right now is "Cars". We routinely hear quotes from the movie at random times. Like today at the store, they are in my basket playing with the "yogrit" as they call it, and Rachel is just having a conversation with herself. Out of nowhere I hear: "Crazy grandpa car!" Then she and Bekah erupt in goofy laughter.

The other day I hear Bekah say to Rachel: "That's OK, Stickers, you can take Bessy." And this one: "Go take a car wash, hippie!" It's just too funny! Goes to show you that you really DO have to be careful what you let them watch!

Well, tonight as they are having their ritual Saturday night bath to prepare for church tomorrow, Bekah tells her yellow duckie: "I got to get of this town and get to Cal-na-fornia." HAHAHAHA!

Tomorrow, if I can remember how to download the pictures from my camera, I will post some very cute pictures of the girls playing with my wedding veil.

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Earle-girl said...

Yeah, I'm indoctrinating Bekah through Hollywood... you gotta get them out to Cal-na-fornia! Tell them Baby Lucy lives here! =)