Thursday, August 09, 2007's what I have been up to the last three months

For starters....I went to Mary Kay Seminar in Dallas at the end of July. Had a total BLAST! a wonderful four days with my MK unit members, heard some great speaches from our Nationals and totally got re-energized!

Here's my Cadillac convertible I'll be driving when I debut as a National Sales Director!

For fun, here's a pic of Me, Lauren and Kathy in the back of the new smokey gray Pontiac Vibe that consultants can earn....or the new gray Pontiac G6 which I intend to be driving by Christmas!

Seminar was just way too much fun! We were so busy and it was SO hot, but worth every minute.

I learned a lot of great things and have been putting them into action this month. My goal is to gold medal this month. That means 5 new recruits for the month. I have one new one so far. Four more to go!

Then there's this.......

Whether it's a mid-life (I don't actually think 30 is anywhere near mid-life) crisis or "girl gone wild" or whatever you would call it, I don't know. But, Tuesday night I did this......

That's right, yours truly is now a tattooed girl. I can hardly believe it myself! The guy who did it (who actually goes to my church, come to find out) thought I was kidding when I told him where I wanted it. Told me it was one of the most painful places to put a tattoo, but if I didn't get it there I really didn't want to get it. Why that spot, I am not sure....other than I can cover it very easily :) Anyhow, I figured if I could survive a c-section of two children in one sitting surely I could brave this. And I did! I think he was truly amazed. I did not "cry, scream or cuss" and he told me I would. Anyhow, I totally love it. It's not a great picture and I'll post some better ones tomorrow, but my sister has to send them to me first.

Why a bee you ask? Well, did you know that scientifically it makes no sense that the bee can fly? It's true. His wings should not be able to support his large body, but somehow, by the design of God, he flys. So, I say it is the same with me. It's a reminder that obstacles will never make me give up. If I really believe I can do it, I will. I will dare to believe that I can achieve God's best for my life. That's a bee hive!

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Glad you're back to blogging!