Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Hotter than Hades!

I really don't know what Hell feels like (and don't want to know), but I think it must be something about like it feels in Oklahoma these days. You step outside and the heat and humidity immediately hit you in the face. Instantly you feel as if you can't breathe. Your steering wheel in your car is too hot to touch and your burning half a tank of gas for your car air conditioner to be on full blast. All to no avail as you sweat profusely to wherever you may be headed.

So, what can one do for a little escape? We decided to go to the dollar movies. Not just me and the Mr., though, we actually took the girls! Yes, that's right it was their first actual movie in the theatre! We took them to see Shrek: The Third. They loved it, and they did great! We were so proud of them. Shrek is a family affair. Our first date (or date incognito, depending on who is telling the story) was to see Shrek. Then we saw the second Shrek right before the girls were born. Now, the Third we actually got to take them to. We are hitting so many milestones right now it's just incredible.

Before I know it I'll be teaching them to drive. OY!

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