Sunday, August 19, 2007

Conversations with Bekah

Today was definitely a day to stay in bed. I slept very little last night as we were experiencing the first ever (as far as my memory serves) tropical depression in Oklahoma. LOTS of rain, wind and thunder. The latter being the biggest sleep disrupter. Then, to top it off, my dear husband was violently ill from whatever combination of things he had eaten. All this to say I don't really have anything great to post, but thought you would enjoy my recent (before the rain) conversation with a 3 year old.

Scene: I am getting water to water some hanging plants on the porch that were in serious need of some attention. Two little girls following closely behind.

Bekah: "Mommy, what are you getting that water for?"
Me: "For the plants so they won't die."
Bekah: "Yeah, like Scar, he makes everything dead." (think Lion King)
Rachel: "I don't like Scar. He's mean."
Bekah: "Well, I just have a little toy one, if that will be fine?"
Rachel: "OK"
Short pause here as I finish watering
Bekah: "Are they dead?"
Me: "Not yet, I hope they will be alright."
Bekah: "Yeah, when I'm dead I just can't wake up."
Me (Chuckling): "Bekah, you have never been dead."
Bekah: "Oh, I haven't? I guess I was just taking a little nap then."

I will miss terribly these days of such conversations. Part of me wishes I could just freeze frame this time and prolong it. Alas, I know it won't last forever. I will enjoy every minute that it's here.

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