Monday, October 01, 2007

It's a disease, no really, I promise!

Or so I say to my husband in very poor defense of my awful propensity to purchase footwear. Whether it's for me or the girls, I just have an awful time saying no. So, of all places I go to Walmart today to buy an onion...AN ONION! What do I walk out with? The tiniest little black Mary Janes with diamonds on the have my eyes on the CUTEST black knee boots. Why do they make those darn little shoes so cute?! AAARRRGGHHH!!!!!!!

It was not by accident that God gave us TWO girls. It was for my own good. If I just had one I know my willpower would utterly and completely fail and I could not stop myself. She would have at least 20 pair of shoes, I am sure. But, seeing as how everything must be doubled it puts and end to my impulsive shoe fettish. Oh the agony!

Poor Fred, he just looked at me with pity - or at least I hope that was the look on his face. I know he doesn't truly understand, after all, how could anyone who only owns four pair of shoes really relate?

Oh well. I would say that I need help or something cliche like that, but the truth is, I like it! I LOVE buying shoes. It's really, I swear! :)


Kristen said...

Most of us women probably belong to shoe shoppers anonymous...

At least you're buying them at WalMart and not Neiman Marcus!

Anonymous said...

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