Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Suck it up, Buttercup!

No doubt you've heard that saying before.  It's a chronic recital for me at some point during the duration of each day.  During a run, trying to get my kid to eat, doing laundry, biting my tounge when I really want to say what I know I shouldn't.  At times like this I try to remember that honesty is not a "Fruit of the Spirit," but patience, kindness and self-control are. 

This is especially hard to remember when "Frustration" seems to inhabit a permanent room in my home.  Some days he is less noticable than others, but lately it seems he is following me around, infecting everything I try to do.  He leaves all his junk in my way, messing up my house, work, runs, all of it.  The big jerk!

I've tried numerous times to evict him, but apparently he's a glutton for punishment because he keeps turning up.  Sometimes in the same place I JUST kicked him out of! 

I will not bore with the details, but just know, he will NOT get the best of ME!  No matter how many times I have to kick him out on his butt.  This war is mine!  So, I will continue to "suck it up," clear the mind with some good runs, deep breathing exercises and just keep on truckin'.  That's all a girl can do.  

Are ya feelin' me?  I know you do...  ;o)  

Suck it up, Buttercup!  This too shall pass...

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