Thursday, October 08, 2009

Riding in cars with girls

It was a lengthy and time consuming process gathering the two kindergarten girls from their grandma's house.  After all, grandma's houses are always a place for grandchildren to have their way and run amok until the parents take over.  There were tiny bits of paper all over the floor from the family Artist, and school papers strewn out from the Studious one.  After nearly and hour, the mom and her girls were finally piling into the car.

"Girls, I need to stop by the store, OK?" 

"Sure, that's fine, mommy.  Can we get soemthing from the dollar bins?"  the Little one asked. 

"Maybe, we'll see." 

The Older one spouted, "Why do you always say that?" 

The mom replied, "It's because it all depends on how you act when we get there, that's why." 

The little one pipes up from the back seat, "I need to use your phone.  I'm full of words and I have a lot to tell grandma and papa," referring to her other set of grandparents. 

"Oh, really?" 

The mom handed the Little one the cell phone and she promptly hit the speed dial number she knew would locate her intended listening audience. 

"Hi Grandma!  Did you know that my stomach is not really where I rub my tummy?"  pause "No, it's really higher than that.  And you know what?  Where I rub my tummy is really my large and small contestants." 

The mom was in the front seat trying desperately not to laugh out loud.  She knew if the Little one heard her laugh she would be angry demand mom stop laughing at her and the moment would be ruined. 

The Little one continued, "Yes, and your kidneys are in your back, and your spine goes to your brain, and there's something orange that goes sideways, but I can't remember what that's called.  And did you know that your heart doesn't look like a heart that I draw on paper?  It really looks like three big bumps and it pumps blood all over me and that's how I get energy." 

There was long, and by long about a minute, silence and she quickly changed direction.

"Grandma, I'm not going to marry Nahuel anymore." 

It is worth noting that Nahuel (who's Italian and his name pronounced Now-ee) have been fast friends since the first week of Kindergarten.  The second week of Kindergarten Nahuel asked the Little one for her hand in marriage.  Being the sensitive one she deceptively can be at times, agreed to the arrangement as she did like him and didn't want to say no.  A trait the mother secretly hoped she would outgrow. 

Grandma must have asked why because the Little one went on, "Well, he thinks he is the King of the world and I told him that he's NOT the boss of me!"  pause "Yeah, and he's also a tattle-tale and that hurts my feelings." 

More questions from grandma.  "Yeah, I'm going to marry somebody else, but I don't know who yet and until I find a new boyfriend I'm just going to be un-single."

The mom's smile was as big as a half-moon.  She had that eye-watering kind of laughing happening on the inside, and a beaming sense of satisfaction that her sometimes sensitive Little one really was as head-strong as she knew her to be. 


Earle-girl said...

Oh mercy! This is good stuff.

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