Monday, November 21, 2011

Don't tell me the odds...

2011. What’s there to say about this year, other than thank God it’s almost over! One freak thing after another it’s been for me this year, but that’s OK. I have survived and even more, survived with some sanity left and hopefully still with at least a little bit of grace becoming of a lady.

After a year like this one you have to believe that sometimes suffering and pain in life is “necessary” in a way to transform you into the person you were meant to be. Otherwise the concept that God is gracious and loving would be a lie and it is not.

I am sure all of us can point out and give ample reason to give up on hope, faith, love, kindness etc… But circumstances do not define us, happiness is not dependent upon people or situations. Rather, it is a choice made from a hopeful heart.

This time of year I have always been one who was anxious to see what the new year will bring and thankful for all that I was given in the past one. Perhaps many would say I didn’t have much to be thankful this time around. They couldn’t be more wrong. This year I am more thankful than ever for God’s grace, for strength for every new day, for the peace of knowing I AM strong enough to do this thing called “life.” Sometimes I may need a little help, reminders to get up and keep moving forward. That’s to be expected of all of us though, I think.

I admit I am the ultimate dreamer and eternal optimist. Hope is the soul of the dreamer. It only takes one true believer to believe you can still beat the odds. My wish for anyone reading this you also know that you have so much to hope for. Hope is renewable, forgiveness is the road of redemption, love is the heart of the world…and faith will beat the odds, and I’m just bettin’ you that so will I! Next year will be as astoundingly wonderful as this one has been unbelievable! I wish the same for you.

Just like the bee forever etched on my ankle.  I don't care if science, physics, people or circumstances tell me I wasn't made to fly.  I'm not listening.  You can find me in the sky! 

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