Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Catching up

We are really getting down the wire now, and I have five more Christmas presents to purchase. Two will be taken care of by my husband after he gets off work. Two more by me if I get the chance to go tonight (weather and sick babies permitting). The last one is one of those "Now, what the heck do I buy?" presents.

I probably would have it all done, but last week was really a rough week. I lost an uncle to cancer, and even though it was expected, it doesn't make it any easier. So, last week was spent taking care of the girls and helping my mom as she was in the middle of helping plan funeral services. Definitely not a week where shopping was on my mind.

Somehow it will all get done before we leave town on Friday.

It's been snowing a nice gentle snow for the last two days now. It's really beautiful except for that whole driving to work part.... I guess there's always something. But the trees do look fantastic! I was hoping for a white Christmas, but the temps are forecasted to be above freezing, so it may not stick around. I guess I'll enjoy it while I can.

Despite the frantic pace of the season, there is something special in the air this time of year that you can't find any other time. I truly love it. Have a Blessed Christmas!
Love to you all!


Kristen said...

Merry Christmas!

Where are you going for the holidays?

Sarah said...

We are heading up to Tulsa, OK, where all of Fred's family lives. It's only a couple hours away. I sure hope Elvis doesn't get too lonely or else all my Christmas decorations in the house are toast! :(

Earle-girl said...

I am so sorry to hear about your uncle! I agree... even when you know it's coming, you're never really ready to lose them. I hope your relatives are able to have a Christmas that is sweet amidst the bitterness.